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New LearnWare releases provide rich learning experiences for facilitators and participants alike -- unlocking curiosity, creativity and productivity. (We offer facilitator training programs for those wishing additional assistance in incorporating the new LearnWare. And we can facilitate these intriguing scenarios on site if you wish.)

LearnWare is specialized ”software” that transforms the Electric Maze into an integrated teaching platform -- bringing home the concepts of systems thinking, team building and leadership in a way not possible before.

Software for a computer has specific meaning and implications. Without software, a computer has the potential to perform a service, but is without the means (instructions) to do so.

The basic manual included with the Electric Maze is your basic Electric Maze ”software.” When you use the Electric Maze during a workshop or in a team development session, the session plans (design, logistics, facilitation, and debrief) constitute Electric Maze ”software.” Without ”software,” the Maze is just a carpet.

LearnWare takes Electric Maze ”software” to the next level of challenge and application. LearnWare constitutes one to one-and-a-half full days of facilitation design, and expands the Electric Maze into an Action Learning System. LearnWare frees you from time-consuming session development and lets you focus on learning and growth.

LearnWare includes:
  • Hardware Upgrades where applicable.
  • Multiple Electric Maze session designs.
  • Background and context for the sessions.
  • Reference materials: theory and practice.
  • Preparatory readings and notes.
  • Application guide.
  • Linkages to Organizational Learning methodologies and disciplines.
  • Setup of equipment, including all necessary diagrams.
  • Coaching comments and questions for use during ”play.”
  • Debriefing comments and questions.
  • Lessons Learned.

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