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The CornerStoneOur name, CornerStone, has its roots in the construction of houses and buildings. A long, long time ago, the CornerStone was a reference point for construction. Set upon a solid and true foundation, the CornerStone was hewn as cube-like as possible -- it's surfaces and edges serving as standards of reference.

To erect a structure, all you needed was the CornerStone for reference, a plumb-line to establish true vertical anywhere on the building site, and an accurate measuring stick. If the foundation was sound and the CornerStone true, then any structure suiting the builder's needs would be solid -- withstanding the test of time.

CCA offers consulting, training, workshops, and learning experiences that strengthen the foundations of individual lives, communities, institutions, and organizations. We help you to establish a lasting CornerStone of reference -- the CornerStone of continuous learning -- as you build organizational structures tailored to suit your needs.

We're convinced that there's an enduring quality that will never be outdated... that quality is the desire -- the skill -- the capability -- the art -- of constantly assessing ones current situation and of continually learning what is needed and called for next. The CornerStone of continuous learning will ensure that our organizations and institutions are always able to evolve and grow -- better serving society and the men and women that comprise them.

CornerStone Consulting Associates is dedicated to helping individuals be designers of the future. We are stewards and trustees of our organizations. Nurturing this trust is one of the greatest challenges facing us in these current times -- and will be our greatest achievement.

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