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Learning Organization Quote”Bringing Leadership to Life” presents the ”leader as designer” in the context of the ongoing dynamic interchange between leadership and followership. Productive, sustainable organizations result from sound design principles -- design principles that recognize the organization as an interdependent network of living, dynamic human beings.

You will learn and practice the leader's role in human/business system design, learning to create organizational structures that clarify shared vision and smoothly guide the collective capability of the work force toward the company's goals. You will become more clear on what you deeply care about, helping the organization to focus on essential human/business issues.

Learning Organization QuoteShared responsibility and coordinated action will increase. You will develop intuition and learn to trust it as a ”hard skill.” You will learn how to achieve common ground with more genuine support for the shared vision. You will learn the art and practice of stewardship. As a mentor you will learn to take on the role of ”conscious oversight” -- learning to be in service to the ecology of your organization.

Fragmentation is the enemy of the healthy organization. Leadership must help others become aware of interdependency through system structure while leading the way in creating wholeness of values, purpose, knowledge, skill, and vision. The organization that honors and practices true continuous generative learning will be the one that attracts and retains dedicated employees.

The learning environment is often ignored because its structure is ”invisible,” or thought to contain too many ”soft” skills. You will practice building the learning environment -- learning to design, tune, and maintain it to maximize trust, collaboration, shared vision, creativity, and organizational effectiveness. A properly crafted learning environment can take the ”heat” -- whether internally or externally generated -- and turn it into creative response as opposed to dysfunctional conflict. The organization that ”learns through” the next challenge the quickest will be the one with the competitive advantage -- the organization with the most choices.

You will learn to rehearse the future. It's common to rehearse for a speech or a play. Athletes imagine running the race and breaking the finish-line tape. It is equally important for leaders to help their organization rehearse its desired future. By doing so, your organization will be more confident in day-to-day choices, systemically accessing more of its wisdom, experience and skill.

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