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John Dicus - Consultant and Facilitator John Dicus
Consultant - Facilitator - Designer
John Dicus is an innovative and prudent risk taker with a compelling vision of the future. Mr. Dicus has dedicated his career to implementing change through systemic concepts and practices.

Mr. Dicus is an author, consultant and facilitator covering the broad range of Leadership, Organizational Change, and the Learning Environment with special emphasis on the growth of Learning Organizations through Whole-System Processes. He speaks, consults, designs and conducts learning programs, seminars, and large-group / whole-system processes.

With his extensive technical and senior leadership background, Mr. Dicus is effective at all levels, working with leadership, working teams, and internal consultants.

Mr. Dicus is a co-developer of ”Action Learning Systems” and associated ”LearnWare” designed to teach Systems Thinking, Teamwork and Leadership.

Mr. Dicus is respected as a leading developer and practitioner of Open Space Technology, a proven process for convening large groups to address work-related issues and create positive change. He has facilitated internationally to create shared vision, new marketing strategies, new product ideas, and new organizational structures. Mr. Dicus has developed three unique workshops entitled ”Bringing Systems To Life,” ”Bringing Teamwork to Life,” and ”Bringing Leadership to life.”

Since 1990, Mr. Dicus has devoted full time to establishing CornerStone Consulting Associates among international clients.

Prior to founding CornerStone Consulting Associates, Mr. Dicus served 25 years as an executive in NASA. His experience base is broad, beginning in Experimental Systems-Integration and culminating in senior management of the Central Computing Facility. His experience, working with industry and government agencies includes:
  • Experimental Research and Analysis.
  • Environmental Planning and Compliance.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Facility Advocacy and Design.
  • Information Services Design and Production.
  • Central Computing Facility Advocacy and Design.
  • Implementation and Management of Large Integrated Support Contracts.
  • Design and Implementation of Center-Wide TQM and Cultural Diversity Programs.
  • Design and Implementation of New Leadership and Organizational Models.
  • Design, Training and Implementation of NASA's First Reengineering Teams.
Mr. Dicus holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland, Ohio, a school renown for an integrated systems approach to education. He also holds a Master of Science from Toledo University in Systems Integration.

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