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Open Space Technology
Applications / Benefits

  • Identifies real business issues.
  • Promotes full participation in an open and non-threatening structure.
  • Provides opportunity to be heard and to practice listening skills.
  • Quickly moves large groups into focussed smaller groups to surface real issues.
  • Removes barriers and encourages cross-functional communication.
  • Effectively builds alignment and shared purpose.
  • Provides immediate and thorough buy-in of proceedings and resulting actions.
  • Requires minimal lead and design time.
  • Develops wide-spread involvement and commitment to change.
  • Systemically connects choices and consequences.
  • Enhances Systems Thinking skills.
  • Increases organizational responsiveness and adaptablilty.
  • Builds environments conducive to Continuous Learning.
  • Teaches and Models Transformational Leadership skills.
  • Begins and supports new initiatives.
  • Provides ownership of ongoing efforts.
  • Surface root causes and fundamental issues.
  • Avoids wasting time in treating symptoms.
  • Improves decision-making process.
  • Creates common ground.
  • De-fuses highly charged situations in diverse cultures.
  • Builds structures to sustain shared futures.
  • Collectively and collaboratively surfaces and addresses complex, diverse issues.
  • Gets the whole system into one room -- meaning that everyone who needs to be there to make a decision is either there or is represented.
  • Provides the opportunity for hard copy documentation by the end of the event, or shortly thereafter.

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