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Becoming the best in what we do is a dream we all share. You are invited to participate in a journey which will enable the Information Services Division to become the best IS organization possible.

You are invited to an ”Open Space Technology” event on June 17 or 18 to explore the future path for the Information Services Division. As you know, we've been working on a new vision and structure for I/S and we need the help of the entire organization in further identifying current issues, future challenges and creative solutions.

The ”Open Space” methodology is carefully designed to elicit maximum involvement and creativity in a constructive atmosphere. It is also highly flexible so that the content is entirely determined by you -- the participants. The event will be inventive, creative, productive and full of surprises.

This is not to suggest that the conference will not have content or outcomes, for there certainly will be both. Achievement in the meeting will be totally dependent upon individual and collective responsibility to make it happen. The content is what each person shares, and the outcome is what we will all create. We propose to create an Open Space in which clear thinking and creativity can flourish. We need to better understand our strengths and how we can build on them to position us to better serve our organization and its customers.

Participation in this event is absolutely voluntary. The only penalty for not showing up is that you will miss an opportunity to learn, express your concerns, and contribute your ideas.

Advance registration is necessary since our facility can only accommodate about half of our Division at one time, When you sign up, keep in mind that you are committing to stay for the entire day. The event simply won't work with people dropping in and out.

When: Tuesday, June 17 or Wednesday, June 18, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Where: Holiday Inn West.

Dress: Casual dress is suggested.

RSVP: To reserve a spot, contact Sue (ext. 5555, or e-mail Sue@5555).

We are on a journey without maps, except as we draw them. There are no simple answers, only an opportunity to explore together. Please join me on either June 17 or 18 to begin the exploration.


Bill Williams
Vice President
Information Services

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