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Typical Main Room Layout
Open Space Technology Room Layout

  • One or more concentric circles of chairs.

  • Double the number of participants to determine room size needed. (For example, an advertised capacity of 300 is needed for 150 participants.)

  • The more square the main room, the better.

  • The main room should give the feel of Open Space when filled with participants.

  • One breakout room for about every 15 participants.

  • Each breakout room/area should be set up with a circle of chairs for about 15 people.

  • Click here to download CornerStone's complimentary Main Room Seating Set-Up Guide.

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Open Space Picture 1 Opening session in community circle. Conveners volunteer to host topic conversations. (Day concludes back in community circle.)
Open Space Picture 2 The village marketplace is open. Conveners adjust session schedules while participants decide how to spend their day.
Open Space Picture 3 The main room is quiet as participants attend the concurrent sessions of their choice in the facility's many break-out areas/rooms.
Open Space Picture 4 Throughout the day conveners print session results and tape them to the marketplace wall for everyone to read. Discs are gathered at the end of the day for printing and distribution of the Open Space proceedings.
Open Space Picture 5 Section of the village marketplace wall showing concurrent session choices and posted session results.

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