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To begin a journey -- especially the journey of organizational change -- you must know where you are right now as well as where you want to go. It's as simple as needing to see the ”you are here” mark on a map before the information contained in the map is of any use.

We offer a proven process that:
  • Shows you where you have been.
  • Helps you choose what to carry forward and what to leave behind.
  • Provides clarity about your current reality -- the ”now.”
  • Indentifies future possibilies.
  • Shows you how to make systemic choices about which futures are best suited for you.
  • Helps you pack your bags -- preparing for the journey of change.
  • Gives you the tools to understand and design human / business systems.
  • Teaches you how to anticipate the unseen challenges that will arise when you least expect them.
  • Lets you rehearse how you will handle the challenges in stride as they occur.
  • Teaches you to idenitfy fundamental issues underneath the symptoms.
  • Gives you practice in working through chaos -- hearing the “music” amidst the “noise.”
It is difficult to know where to begin organizational transformation. Conditions may range from mild confusion to seeming chaos. Without careful forethought and a thorough systems understanding, changes may render conditions worse. And sometimes, when only a tune-up is needed, large-scale change is undertaken because root causes are unknown or misunderstood. The organization needs to be examined in motion -- snap shots or freeze-frames will simply not do.

The best way to acquire the much needed systemic understanding of root cause-and-effect is to employ a whole-system process. The goal of “Organization-Wide Assessment“ is to gather data on the nature and scope of the issues the transformaiton will address. Definition of root causes -- not symptoms -- is required.

“Organization-Wide Assessment“ provides an in-depth assessment of your organization via the Open Space Technology process. It is the most efffective and systemic method available due to its real-time whole-system nature.

It is of little use to hear only what you want to hear. Only a clear picture of organizational health and potential will do.

You realize that conventional surveys and assessments alter the organization as they are administered (Heizenberg's principle). And further, they often alientate members of the organization, fueling a growing cynicism.

Organization-Wide Assessment is the only way to discover the truth without altering it. It honors, respects, and ”hears” what people have to say. It is the most effective way to teach and model desired futures while sampling the present. It is the best way to bring the best of your past forward.

The assessment process allows large, diverse groups to discover values, knowledge and systems they have in common. It enables people to understand and change the conditions under which they interact.

The process convenes up to 200 people at a time, gathering pertinent information about the formal and informal structure of the organization. It documents the knowledge, systems and practices that must be preserved as well as those which are not useful in the future state of the transformed organization. “Organization-Wide Assessment“ coalesces problem symptoms into a manageable set, providing insight into the organizational root causes underlying the need for change.

Using a standardized computer set-up, session information is collected and analyzed to uncover the fundamental issues that must be addressed in order for the organization to change and move forward. Information documented by the Open Space “Organization-Wide Assessment“ is often used in combination with “Bringing Systems To Life,“ making it possible for the organization to take charge of their own assessment, design, and implementation program. This is a high-leverage method to begin the journey forward. It separates the “music” from the “noise.” As people discover that they know more than they thought they did, forward motion is immediate.

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